Palladio and Google Fusion Tables

The Cushman Collection, a collection of photographs by Charles W. Cushman, was used to create these datasets.


This first screenshot was from Google Fusion Tables, while the second was from Palladio. After setting both to geocoordinates, the dots appeared to display where the photos appeared from.


Palladio and Google Fusion Tables were similar but had some different functions.

One thing I really liked about the Fusion Tables was how you can use the “street view” functions and move around. This was something that Palladio didn’t have. However, as showcased in my previous post, Palladio gives a good timeline.┬áPalladio can ultimately do more, but it wasn’t easy to work with. It definitely has more functions and may be more appealing to people who like experimenting with data.



Both of them honed in on specific points, and it was interesting it to see where all the photos came from.

We read Patricia Seed’s article awhile ago, where she said that digital maps can be “inadequate.” Though not 100% accurate, digital maps still provide a way to see things that you simply can’t do with non-digital maps.

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