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I remember coming to this class without any idea what digital humanities was. And of course, there isn’t a perfect explanation for it. However, I’ve learned a lot throughout this course. I learned what digital humanities can do, and just what power it holds. In this class, I learned the importance of metadata and preserving information online. I learned about…

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Further Experimentation with Palladio and Google Fusion Tables

Recently we did further experimentation with both Palladio and Google Fusion Tables using this dataset. (Click the images for better quality!) One thing I found interesting was the “highlight” function. Highlighting “giver” and “recipient” produced different results that add to understanding of the dataset. In the following image, “giver” is highlighted. It’s showcased by the purple box, and it proves…

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Palladio and Google Fusion Tables

The Cushman Collection, a collection of photographs by Charles W. Cushman, was used to create these datasets. This first screenshot was from Google Fusion Tables, while the second was from Palladio. After setting both to geocoordinates, the dots appeared to display where the photos appeared from. Palladio and Google Fusion Tables were similar but had some different functions. One thing…

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      We experimented with Palladio today using the Cushman Collection. Palladio’s aesthetically pleasing, and it was cool to see everything you could do with it. For example,  you can choose just a small section of the data to view (the second picture). This is another example of what you can do with digital humanities.

Cushman Collection Experimentation

Today in class we used Google Fusion Tables to visualize the Cushman Collection. After customizing the appearance and looking through different categories (dates, city and state, etc.), I settled on the one called “Description from Notebook.” Everything ended up being the same (not surprising because there’s one description per image), but it still ended up looking pretty cool. I think…

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Omeka Exhibit

After studying a text about Perpetua and Felicitas, our Digital Humanities class came up with questions and themes related to the reading. We formed groups and created an online exhibit to showcase our research and further develop our knowledge. My group focused on martyrdom. The exhibit itself was simple to make, but it was interesting as well. It was the first…

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